Hot Door CADtools

CADtools 9.1 mac

Hot Door CADTools 10.0.2 for Illustrator CS6-CC 2015

HotDoor CADTools 11.2.2 Winx64 All Versions AI 16-23

Hot Door CADtools 11.2.3 for Adobe Illustrator Win x64

Hot Door CADtools 12.0.0 for Adobe Illustrator WIN

Hot Door CADtools 12.1.7 for Adobe Illustrator Win x64

Hot Door CADtools 12.2.0 for Adobe Illustrator 2020 & 2021

Hot Door CADtools 12.2.1 for Adobe Illustrator 20202021 Win x64

Hot Door  CADtools是一款适用于Illustrator(AI)的强大的工程制图插件。利用CADtools可以让你的Illustrator做很多原本 Autocad才方便做的操作(如插图标注、等量绘制、等量标注等等)。

Welcome to Hot Door CADtools - a complete technical illustration  solution for Adobe Illustrator CS3, CS4, CS5, and CS6 on Macintosh or  Windows. CADtools allows users to draw, edit, and dimension objects in  scale for the first time within Illustrator, with 10 panels and 76  drawing, editing, dimensioning, construction, and labeling tools. The  CADtools plug-in mimics Illustrator's tool behavior for designers  seeking a creative, easy-to-use alternative to complex CAD applications.

Hot Door CADtools 8 features smooth performance, smart panel  organization, and refreshing time-savers for designers with Adobe  Illustrator CS3-CS6. The new underlying Hot Door CORE™ provides more  fluidity and extensibility than ever before. With this new CORE™,  CADtools 8 is easily updated to handle feature requests and  compatibility concerns with Adobe's Creative Cloud or traditional  licenses.

Hot Door CADtools