Heyne Drive! /Heyne X-Wheels

Heyne Drive! v1.70.4 Plus Addons WIN for Cinema 4D

Heyne Drive! 1.70.4 X-Wheels C4D R14-21 (WIN)

Heyne Plugins Bundle(包括Drive 1.80)

Drive! 是一款Cinema 4D汽车模拟插件,可帮助您轻松地用鼠标点击创建正确的物理车辆动画。使用DRIVE!你可以创建物理属性正确的车辆动画。只用一个鼠标点击,你会得到一个现成的驱动汽车,其驾驶性能可通过多种设置进行编辑。


With DRIVE! you are able to create physically correct vehicle animations playfully easy. With just one mouse click you'll get a ready-to-drive vehicle, which drivability can be edited by a variety of setting possibilities.

With X-Wheels you can equip your vehicles with up to 10 axes. The additional wheels are fully integrated into the simulation. Additionally, a tracked vehicle can be configured with a few mouse clicks.

Heyne Drive! /Heyne X-Wheels